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Expanding Horizons: Koehn Painting’s Strategic Move to Wichita

Koehn Painting moving to Wichita, Kansas.

Koehn Painting Co., LLC, a reputable name in professional painting services, is excited to announce its relocation from Newton, Kansas, to a new, expansive facility in Wichita. Effective Monday, February 5th, 2024, the company will operate from its new address at 2740 N. Regency Park in Wichita. 

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Koehn Painting’s journey, reflecting its commitment to growth, enhanced service efficiency, and closer alignment with its workforce and client base. With a legacy of quality and customer satisfaction, Koehn Painting looks forward to this new chapter in its illustrious history.

This move is not just a change in location but a significant upgrade in facilities. The new premises will offer double the space of the current office and shop, allowing for a more efficient and productive work environment. This expansion is instrumental in accommodating the company’s growth, specifically in enhancing its production capabilities for finishing cabinets, doors, and trim. The larger space aligns perfectly with Koehn Painting’s vision for future expansion and improved service delivery.

Reasons for the Relocation

The decision for Koehn Painting Co., LLC to relocate to Wichita is driven by multiple strategic factors: 

  • Firstly, the majority of the company’s employees reside in Wichita, making the new location more convenient for the workforce. 
  • This move also aligns with the company’s aspirations to expand our residential, facilities maintenance, and service divisions. Wichita’s vibrant business environment, with ongoing contracts and strong relationships with major manufacturers and institutions, offers significant growth opportunities. 
  • Additionally, the larger facility in Wichita will enable more efficient production processes, crucial for the company’s future expansion plans. This relocation is a thoughtful response to internal needs and external market opportunities.

The relocation of Koehn Painting Co., LLC to Wichita is set to bring numerous advantages. It aligns with the company’s growth strategy, providing a more suitable environment for expansion. 

This move also presents cost-saving opportunities, which can translate into better value for customers. The proximity to the majority of its employees in Wichita will foster a better work culture and enhance operational efficiency. 

Additionally, this relocation allows Koehn Painting to continue offering exceptional service while positioning itself for future advancements in the Kansas painting space.

Our Thanks to the Newton Community

Koehn Painting Co., LLC deeply values its roots in Newton, where it has been based since 1994. The company acknowledges the immense support and goodwill it has received from the Newton community over the years. This support has been instrumental in the company’s growth, enabling it to expand into four divisions. 

Despite the relocation, Koehn Painting remains committed to its presence in Newton and the surrounding areas. This is not goodbye. It is just a new opportunity to serve in a different way. A part of Koehn Painting’s growth plan includes giving back to Newton in fun and innovative ways as a way of supporting them just like they have always done for us. Koehn Painting looks forward to maintaining strong connections with the community with a focus on win-win relationships. 

As Koehn Painting Co., LLC embarks on this exciting new chapter in Wichita, we remain steadfast in delivering exceptional painting services. Our journey from Newton to Wichita is fueled by a vision of growth and improved service for our clients. 

We are grateful for the continued support and look forward to fostering enduring relationships with our existing and new customers. Thank you for being a part of our story, and we eagerly anticipate serving you from our new location.


  1. How will the relocation affect the services I receive?
    • Services will continue uninterrupted, with enhanced efficiency and quality from our new, larger facility. Our service area will not change in any way.
  2. What’s going to happen with the move to Wichita?
    • Our operations will transition seamlessly to the new Wichita location, enhancing our service capabilities and efficiency.
  3. Why is Koehn Painting relocating?
    • The move is motivated by growth prospects, cost-effectiveness, employee convenience, and a desire for a better organizational culture.
  4. Where exactly is the new office located?
    • Our new address is 2740 N. Regency Park, Wichita, Kansas  67226. The office is easily accessible from K96 & Greenwich, just across from TopGolf. 
  5. What changes can we expect with this relocation?
    • Expect improved service efficiency and expanded capabilities while maintaining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  6. Will there be a rise in the costs of your products or services due to the relocation?
    • We aim to maintain our pricing structure, with the relocation ultimately leading to cost efficiencies.
  7. Why are you leaving the Newton community?
    • The move is a strategic decision for growth and efficiency, not a reflection of our valued relationship with Newton.  
  8. Will the quality of customer service change with the move?
    • We are committed to maintaining, if not enhancing, our high standards of customer service post-relocation.
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