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Transforming a Home with Precision Painting and Design Expertise

A Wichita Home Embellished with Modern Prairie Design

Client’s Story

Gayle, a seasoned interior designer with nearly four decades of experience, embarked on a project to renovate a spacious home in Wichita, Kansas. Her vision was to infuse the residence with a modern prairie design aesthetic emphasizing clean lines, natural materials, and a harmonious color palette. This design approach required meticulous attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship to bring Gayle’s sophisticated designs to life.

Enter Koehn Painting, a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience in the painting industry. Known for their professionalism, precision, and commitment to quality, Koehn Painting was the perfect partner for this ambitious project. Gayle had worked with Koehn Painting on numerous projects over the years and trusted their expertise to execute her vision to perfection.

“Working with Koehn Painting is always a seamless experience. Their attention to detail, mastery of their craft, and understanding of my design intent make them an invaluable part of my projects. For this particular home, their ability to execute the modern prairie design through precise painting and finishing work was essential. The end result was exactly what I envisioned, and more importantly, what my clients dreamed of for their home.”

– Gayle

The Brief

The project’s scope encompassed a comprehensive interior redesign, focusing on the kitchen, living areas, stairwell, and several accent rooms. Gayle aimed to create a cohesive look that blended modern aesthetics with the warmth and simplicity of prairie-style design. This required careful selection of two-tone cabinet colors in the kitchen, the use of natural materials like limestone, and the application of clean, straight lines throughout the woodwork and trim.

Koehn Painting’s task was to bring Gayle’s design to life, ensuring that every painted surface, from cabinets to trim to accent walls, was executed with precision. The challenge was not only in the complexity of the designs but also in matching the exact hues and finishes Gayle had specified. Their expertise in selecting and applying high-quality paints and finishes was crucial to achieving the desired aesthetic and durability.

““Seeing the transformed space was like walking into a dream. The colors, the finishes, the way the light interacted with each surface – it was all perfect. Koehn Painting’s work elevated the design, creating a home that is not only beautiful but feels uniquely tailored to the lifestyle and tastes of my clients. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when design and craftsmanship work hand in hand.”

Design and Execution Excellence

The collaboration between Gayle and Koehn Painting was characterized by a shared commitment to achieving unparalleled design and execution excellence.

A. Design Precision and Color Expertise

Gayle’s innovative use of two-tone cabinets in the kitchen set a dynamic tone for the project. Koehn Painting’s skillful application of these colors brought depth and character to the kitchen, enhancing the modern prairie aesthetic Gayle envisioned. Their expertise in highlighting color changes and finishing lines was crucial.

“Koehn just did a great job in being able to really highlight those color changes… they did a great job with trimming it out,”

B. Modern Prairie Design

The project’s success was further amplified by Koehn Painting’s exceptional work on the trim and casing, integral to the modern prairie design. Gayle aimed to infuse the home with a “layering, straight line, architectural linear kind of feel.” This was no small feat, as it required precise finishing work to align with the design’s clean, straightforward aesthetic. Koehn Painting rose to the challenge, delivering work that Gayle described as “fabulous.”

“Their meticulous spray applications on new construction projects exemplified their commitment to quality, showcasing a simplistic, modern but clean approach.”

C. Attention to Detail in Finishing Work

The attention to detail in the finishing work was a cornerstone of the project’s success. Gayle highlighted several areas where Koehn Painting’s craftsmanship stood out, particularly in the stairwell and the door and trim styles.

Koehn did a great job in finishing off the finish to really get a smooth buttering… it takes a lot of skill and art to get this clean of a line and clean paint lines,

Moreover, the project’s aesthetic was further enhanced by the strategic use of accent colors. Koehn Painting’s expertise in “cutting in of accent color next to trim” proved pivotal, ensuring a very clean and finished look that seamlessly complemented the overall design.

D. Collaborative Excellence

The synergy between Gayle’s design expertise and Koehn Painting’s execution prowess was evident throughout the project. Their ability to work closely and deepen their understanding of each other’s vision and standards was instrumental in achieving a result that was not only visually stunning but also reflective of the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that both parties value.

“Their artistic labor… it just makes for a very beautiful build-up on the trim,

Conclusion and Recommendations

The collaboration between Gayle, a visionary interior designer, and Koehn Painting, a company renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality, culminated in a home transformation that transcends the ordinary. 

Gayle’s nearly four decades of experience in interior design, combined with Koehn Painting’s over 35 years of expertise in the painting industry, formed a formidable partnership. Their shared commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of the project, from the careful selection of colors and materials to the precision of the finishing touches.

The project’s success is best summarized by Gayle’s own words:

“”What they do to finish off my work is great… They just did a great job.””

The partnership between Gayle and Koehn Painting serves as a model of how collaboration, expertise, and dedication to quality can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary homes. It reinforces the belief that the right team can turn design dreams into reality, creating environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal and reflective of the client’s lifestyles.

This project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when two masters of their craft unite in pursuit of excellence.