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How To Hire the Best Exterior House Painter in Wichita, KS 

When it comes to your home, first impressions matter. How your house looks on the outside is not only the first thing people see; more importantly, it’s what you see every day. A well-maintained, nicely painted exterior is an important matter for your home. So, how could you find the best exterior house painter to transform your home and execute your ideas?

Painting your property’s exterior can enhance curb appeal and add property value. Not only that, but choosing the right painting can also help you avoid tons of money spent on fixing dry rot, termites, sun exposure, and moisture problems, among others. Luckily, if you are in Wichita, Kansas, there’s a solution that can help.

In this blog, we will guide you through the process of finding and hiring the best exterior residential painting services in Wichita. From understanding what to look for in a professional painter to exploring the different types of painting services Koehn offers. Let’s paint the picture!

How To Find and Hire the Best Exterior Residential Painting Services

A person painting a roof as part of residential painting services.
Residential painting services provide comprehensive care for your home’s interior and exterior.

Exterior residential painting involves more than just applying a fresh coat of paint, so you need to pay attention to what residential painting services you will hire. 

The process involves preparation, choosing the right materials, and ensuring the paint job can resist weather conditions. In Wichita, this means considering both the hot summers and cold winters to ensure the paint remains durable and attractive over the years.

Painting the exterior walls and elements of your property can be an expensive, lengthy, and challenging project. Due to hectic schedules, many homeowners may lack the time or resources to undertake such a task. Plus, the complexity of the activity makes it essential to hire a professional for a job of this nature. 

Some things to have in mind through the process of painting your house’s exterior and that the painter will take into consideration may include:

  • Size of the property
  • Condition of the current surface
  • Elements and areas to be painted
  • Choice of paint and finish
  • Number of repairs and preparation time required 

In Wichita, various buildings benefit from professional exterior painting, including single-family homes, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings like offices and retail stores. Each type presents unique challenges and requires tailored approaches to ensure the best results.

For this unique and professional approach, hiring professional exterior painting services can bring expertise, efficiency, and attention to detail. They will provide knowledge on quality materials for longer-lasting, better-looking results and a deep understanding of local climate impacts on paint. 

Choosing local painters means supporting your community. In addition, local painters can provide personalized services and quicker response times. This is why it is recommended to hire a professional exterior painter and find the best one in your area.

So, you already know why searching for good painting services is important instead of trying to do it yourself. Now, let’s see what we should have in mind when finding top-notch painters in Wichita, Kansas:

  • Explore your options: Search online and ask for recommendations. Platforms like Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List can also help you. After this, you can make a shortlist based on reputation and website information. 
  • Get multiple bids: Compare prices and consider quality of work, friendliness, and reputation. To imply that you are considering several different options in your contractor’s conversation can help you stay in a tougher position for better negotiation.
  • Conduct interviews: Always ask. Bring questions about experience, crew, warranty policy, insurance, paint brands, and types. Inquiring about the preparation process, cleanliness, and handling health concerns not only allows you to know more about what will happen in your painting project but also shows the contractor that you are well-informed. 
  • Review and reflect: Consider how each company answered your questions and addressed your concerns. Was it easy working with them? Were they fast to walk you through the process?
  • Check references and reviews: The contractor’s reliability and quality are a big part of the project’s overview. Google reviews can help you get an idea of what to expect from the contractor based on previous clients’ experiences. Just be careful of fake reviews. 

Overall, ensure the exterior painter you hire is someone you feel comfortable with and can trust. You can also consider years of experience and the scale of previous jobs or ask about a guarantee to handle painting imperfections or chipping after completing the job. 

Finding the right painter is a long process, but it can be highly rewarding if you take the time and take considerable steps. Do thorough research and always ask questions if you’re unsure about something. A successful painting project is possible!

Contact us here if you would like to find the best painting contractor for your residential or commercial painting needs.

A Look at Koehn’s Painting Services 

nother individual painting the front of a house high above, highlighting professional painting services.
Professional painting services offer high-quality results for both residential and commercial properties.

Koehn’s painting services have been around for quite some time. Thirty-five years of premier interior and exterior house painting services in Wichita, Kansas, has translated into 100% customer satisfaction and a solid local reputation.

Besides looking for an exterior house painter, Koehn offers many other services, each designed to meet the unique needs of Wichita residents. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your home’s exterior, try some new kitchen cabinets, or transform your deck into a stunning outdoor retreat, Koehn has you covered. Let’s review some of their most popular and chosen services.

Brick House Painting

Your Wichita home’s appeal can be highlighted by Koehn’s expert brick house painting services. These are tailored for the local climate, with beauty and protection-focused work. Our specialty is giving brick houses a fresh, new appearance that enhances their beauty and protects them for years to come.

Plus, with our skilled team and their understanding of the unique challenges of painting brick, we ensure a durable and vibrant finish that withstands Wichita’s weather conditions. We take pride in transforming outdated brick exteriors into modern masterpieces, showcasing the dramatic before-and-after results in our portfolio. Common issues such as efflorescence or paint wear will be out of sight. 

Cabinet Painting

If you want to transform your kitchen’s look and feel, Koehn offers a cost-effective solution that avoids the high prices of putting in new cabinets, offering a fresh look at a fraction of the cost. Our high-quality paint jobs last years, resisting fading, cracking, or flaking. Whether it’s a vibrant refresh or a subtle update, our expert team sands, primes, and prepares your cabinets for a flawless finish.

This process includes meticulous surface preparation, priming, and finishing touches to ensure a stunning and durable result. We understand the importance of maintaining and upgrading this essential space, so we’ve implemented tailored services and skilled professionals to help you enjoy the kitchen of your dreams—without fully renovating.

Deck Painting

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor living space, Koehn knows exactly what to do. Our professional deck painting services are specially designed to bring new life to your decks, ensuring durability, beauty, and the highest-quality finish. The service includes thoroughly inspecting and repairing, cleaning, and selecting the right paint and color for your deck. 

This process ensures a smooth, durable surface that stands up to the elements. As we mentioned, it’s key to use the right materials and have expertise on the matter. For this, we use the best and latest techniques and tools to ensure your deck not only looks great but remains great with time. Whether it’s a solid, opaque finish or a more natural highlight of the woods’ beauty, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Exterior House Painting

The exterior of your home is its first impression, and you want to make it last. With top-tier residential exterior painting, we make sure your house not only has a nice aesthetic appeal but is also protected from the harsh Kansas weather. 

Through a detailed consultation, our experts will assess your home’s exterior, discuss your vision, and provide a comprehensive plan according to your needs. This initial step ensures that we understand your expectations and deliver a result that exceeds them. 

After this, we prepare and power wash, removing dirt, mildew, and old paint. We also scrape and sand surfaces to ensure a smooth and durable base for painting. Then, we use advanced techniques on the hands of our skilled painters, who’ll make sure every nook and cranny is covered. The final result is a beautifully painted home that stands out in your neighborhood.

Interior House Painting

There’s also an option for interior house painting. The inside of your home is where you spend most of your time, and it should reflect your personal style and create a comfortable ambiance. Koehn offers comprehensive interior painting services that transform your living spaces, adding warmth, elegance, and personality to your home.

The process is simple. We prepare everything to start our painting project by removing or covering all necessary furniture and belongings to protect them from paint. We also pay attention to your kids and pets, if you have them, to take the right precautions since they are also part of the family and, hence, part of the project.

Last, the painting stage is where we put everything together, the project starts to look as we agreed, and you can start enjoying your new space. The idea is to make sure that the painting process doesn’t disrupt your life and schedule. 

To finish, we won’t leave a trace of being there, allowing you to return to your normal life with a new-looking room. If there is anything we missed, you can contact us right away. Our goal is to leave your home looking gorgeous and to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Looking for an Exterior House Painter? Choose Koehn Painting

A scaffolded exterior of a house with an exterior house painter working on the walls.
An exterior house painter ensures the outside of your home looks pristine.

If you are still wondering what your next project’s exterior house painter should be, consider Koehn Painting. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Quality materials and techniques: We’re committed to excellence, using only high-quality materials and the latest painting techniques for outstanding results. Our paints are specifically chosen for their durability and weather resistance, ensuring your home remains protected and looks great for years.
  • Experienced and professional painters: Our Wichita painters are skilled in a variety of exterior surfaces and conditions, ensuring expert application and a beautiful outcome every time. With years of experience, our team knows how to handle the unique challenges of exterior painting in Wichita.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our priority. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service. From start to finish, we ensure you are delighted with the results, and our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

We also provide year-round exterior house painting services, offering advice on the best timing for your project to ensure optimal results, regardless of Wichita’s fluctuating weather conditions. 

Our services are designed to withstand Wichita’s unique climate, from the hot summers to the cold winters, guaranteeing durability and protection for your home. 

By choosing Koehn Painting for your interior house painting project, you are investing in your home’s beauty, comfort, and value.

Discover the Koehn Painting difference  – contact us today for a free estimate and step into a vibrant, freshly painted home!